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Writer:  Peter Menotti

Illustrator:  Team Diva

Genre:  Magical Girl Adventure


Diva Beelze is an average fifteen-year old girl. She likes the color pink, her first purse, and Justin Bieber. She loves cute dresses. She may not be the smartest cookie, but she certainly is the sweetest. There’s only one problem with that. Diva is a devil. You see, Diva has a small problem. A goodness problem. She has these compulsions — uncontrollable urges to just be nice. She knows there must be a twelve step program, somewhere. She wonders when her parents are going to ask, ‘have you ever tried not being good?’ Clearly, the best solution is to become a superhero.

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Wrekage cover sampleRev.jpg

Writer:  Marcus Jones

Illustrator:  Marcus Jones

Genre:  Sci-Fi Adventure


On an strange alien world, two low ranked soldiers are the only ones standing up against a powerful leader and his loyal army that is attempting to enslave their entire planet. But it's nothing that a few blasters and explosions can't fix. When trouble is brewing and you have to cash that checkage, make way for the heroes bringing down the Wreckage! 

Coming Soon! ! 

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Writer:  Ken Singshow

Illustrator:  Ken Singshow

Genre:  Anthropomorphic Superheros


Ever wish you could have your own Pet robot? With the loyalty of a Dog, and the Awesome Powers of of a lean mean fighting machine, and the brains of Albert Einstein? Well when it comes to Mery, Leader of the Andorozons! ehh you get at least the first two out of three.



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Writer:  Chelsea Mitchell

Illustrator:  Ron Murphy

Genre:  Blaxpoitation Superheros


Our comic, Coco GunBun is unique, not just in the sense that it is a Black comic written by a black author and artist, but in the sense that it is written by a Black female artist. (Apparently a rarity in this field) Coco is a fun comedy book, written in the Blacksploitation style with its roots taken from the strong heroines introduced in that period of American film. Though Coco is a light hearted comedy, the origins of this art form are of a serious nature, and were born out of the Black Power Movement of the Sixties and Seventies.


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Writer:  Shawntae Howard

Illustrator:  Shawntae Howard

Genre:  Anthropomorphic Superheros


It was a time for celebration. The budding of young romances, the coming of age transition from child to young adult, and the promising hope of the future. Katherine Fela and Scarlet Starfox's lives could not have been more different from one another, but the appearance of alien invaders would forever intertwine their destines.


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by Eric Melton & Sanny Folkesson

Writer:  Eric Melton

Illustrator:  Sanny Folkesson

Genre:  Anthropomorphic Adventure / Sci-Fi


The children of the ‘Survivor Clans’ were taught the truth of their origin. And the Cholan-Re became bogeymen, a story used to frighten their sons and daughters to keep their origin a secret. Some of the the Cholan-Re survived. These ‘Remnants’ hid themselves more deeply than the Survivor Clans. They kept watch on the descendants of those that had murdered their fathers. And now, they have begun efforts to regain the control that is their birthright. The Cholan-Re Remnants have a new tool at their disposal. They call it, “SoftMetal.”

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Busang Cover color revision with
Busang: Against All Gods
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Story:  Stefon Wiley 

Writer:  Stefon Wiley - with Park Cooper

Illustrator:  Antonio Doya Heredia

Colors:  Alexandra Thone

Genre:  Action / Egyptian Fantasy



SAKOYAposter copy.jpg
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Writer:  Satanasov

Illustrator:  Satanasov

Genre:  Action / Eastern Fantasy

In time of Dragons,  Two men are on course to decide the fate of Mankind and the last of the dragons.    


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Writer:  Marcus Jones

Illustrator:  Marcus Jones

Genre:  Action


Meet new people… And battle them to death. Welcome to The Gun Club, filled with all types; From ultimate thrill seekers to adrenaline junkies to sociopaths, and more… All armed with weapons of unlimited firepower, recruited to play a strictly monitored underground game of survival where the price is living to play another day. Win and you move up in the rankings, lose and you die. Thats how you play the game… The Game of the Gun Club. Mary Black, a troubled teen with sharp instincts and a self-destructive streak, finds this lifestyle to be right up her alley. Her life was on a downward spiral since the day she was born. The only time see feels alive, the only time she feels happiness… Is with a warm gun.


Writer:  Gabe Lamberty

Illustrator:  Gabe Lamberty & Jay Moyano

Genre:  Racing Action


What drives a person to race to the death?

Enter the Speed Demonz! An underground death race syndicate transforming the streets into a war zone of custom cars and weapon wielding maniacs feuding over a million dollars cash! During these hard times, it's a prize worth fighting for. However, there are those in this contest without the desire for profit. For Shawn and Renee, they race against the Speed Demonz for something else money cannot buy...


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Writer:  Park Cooper

Illustrator:  Bryan Randall

Genre:  Cyberpunk Zombie Action


Swipe is the story of Ray, a hacker who finds a one-in-a-million self-aware robot, Karina, and, well, there’s immediately some trouble between a cyborg pimp and an old friend of Karina’s, and things escalate quickly… before Ray and Karina quite know it, the whole city is one of several launch points for a nanotech invasion that turns people into zombies… corrupts machines’ programming… and eventually starts fusing the two together in very unnatural ways… all because the best show on the web has jumped the shark.

It’s cyber-zombie invasion madness, all in one graphic novel



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