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So Amazing 
Short Evil Diva at NYCC 2017 video with music from Mystery Skulls.  Song Featured: Amazing.   

Wreckage Sneak Preview

Two low ranked soldiers on an alien world take on a powerful mad man and his army of troopers trying to enslave the planet... Music is by Synx.

Speed Demonz Night

Fast paced promo animation for Speed Demonz Graphic Novel. Animation by Allegra Town Studios | beats by The Mystery Skulls

Zulaynear Loves Comics

The cute cyclops squid alien, Zulaynear finds a "DragonLast"  comic Angry Viking Press from Angry Viking Press in this short.

Hero Shift Pre-Production Trailer

Hero Shift: a super hero comic aimed at younger audiences. Art by Marcus Jones plus up and coming artist Sara Soler. Music by Jingle Punks

Kerslash Episode 1

Paige declines Erika's challenge, resulting in an even more meaningless battle. Award Winner for the Soul4Reel Film Festival by Ben Reynolds

Angry Viking Press Intro
Intro Animation of Angry Viking Press

Evil Diva Fukkireta

Oh, you didn't know? Fukkireta is the bee's knees that's sweeping the nation. It's delightfully evil fun by Ben Reynolds

Shonuff44 speeddrawing Chun-Li

The world famous Shonuff44 takes a break from Coco Gun Bun and draws the first lady of street fighting really fast! by Ronald Murphy

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