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Angry Viking Press is an independent publisher founded in 2006 that believes in producing stylistic and unique comic books designed by a consummate of artists from around the world including North America, Europe, and Japan. Angry Viking Press desires to showcase and market the creative talents of our artists and creators while making our products grow into captivating properties and brands beyond their comic book origins.

The staff of Angry Viking Press has a clear vision of the quality of printed material we wish to publish and have an equally dedicated group of artists that want to let their creative muses flourish. Our production schedule is tailored to release our publications at a rate accommodating of the artists and consumer needs. Angry Viking Press has the ability to grow into a influential force on the comic book market.

Professional Services

Angry Viking Press is a conglomorate of talented creative professionals from around the world. Angry Viking Press can make your creative vision into a reality! We provide top quality services at very competitive rates. Our artists and editorial staff have already provided support for multiple clients in virtually every outlet in pop culture. Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Animation, Storyboards, Video Production, Music, Music Videos, Video Games and Toys...we've done it all and have the credits to prove it. Our list of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Editorial Services

  • Pre-Press Comic Book Production

  • Illustration, Storyboards, and Graphic Design

  • Animation, Music, and Video Production

  • Paperback and Digital Book Publishing

  • Marketing and Distribution

  • Social Media

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